Factories were razed, several Chinese workers were killed and relations between the neighbors deteriorated to their lowest ebb since diplomatic ties were renewed in the early 1990s. 



Beijing remained unmoved by Hanoi’s objections, despite continued protests from the highest levels of government. 



“The relations are certainly damaged and the outlook is not encouraging, particularly as China has indicated it has plans to send out more oil rigs to disputed waters and has made provocative statements with respect to its plans in the Spratly chain,” Jonathan D. London, a professor and Vietnamese scholar at Hong Kong’s City University, tells TIME. 

with respect to:〜に関しては

「関係は確実に傷つきその見通しは良くなっていない。特に中国が言ってきたように、中国がその論争中の海域に更なる石油掘削装置を送り込むことを計画し、南沙諸島でのその計画に関する挑発的な声明を出して来ている。」と香港城市大学のJonathan D. London教授とベトナム人学者がTIME誌に語った。

Tensions remain high. A study released by the Pew Research Center on Monday reported that 84% of the Vietnamese polled said they were concerned that conflict could erupt with their northern neighbor. 

the Pew Research Center:ピュー研究所


アメリカ合衆国のワシントンD.C.を拠点としてアメリカ合衆国や世界における人々の問題意識や意見、傾向に関する情報を調査するシンクタンクである。2013年1月現在の所長は前ウォールストリート・ジャーナル副編集長のAlan Murrayである

Professor Bruce Jacobs, an Asia expert at Australia’s Monash University, says the deployment of Haiyang Shiyou 981 must be viewed within the context of Beijing’s brazen maneuvers to consolidate its long-held, albeit highly disputed, grandiose maritime claims across the Asia-Pacific. “The oil rig was just part of that,” he says. 


オーストラリアのモナシュ大学でアジア専門のBruce Jacobs教授は、海洋石油981の配置は、たとえ激しい論争中だとしても、アジア太平洋での長年の壮大な海事の主張を強固にする北京の厚かましい策略の文脈内で捉えなければならないと言っている。

With China unrepentant, the U.S. has attempted to use the episode to strengthen relations with its Asian partnerships and position itself as an arbitrator in the Pacific. 




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China Removes Contentious Oil Rig From Waters Claimed by Vietnam
David Stout 4:40 AM ET 



Chinese Coast Guard vessel passes near the Chinese oil rig Haiyang Shi You 981 in the South China Sea
A Chinese coast-guard vessel passes near the Chinese oil rig Haiyang Shiyou 981 in the South China Sea, about 210 km (130 miles) from the coast of Vietnam on June 13, 2014.

中国の湾岸警備艇が2014年6月13日にベトナム湾岸沖約210キロ(130マイル)離れた南シナ海上にある中国の石油掘削装置Haiyang Shiyou 981(海洋石油981)近くを通過している。

But as its deployment led to fierce anti-Chinese rioting across Vietnam, don’t except Hanoi and Beijing to rekindle their once fraternal ties anytime soon



The rig is finally gone, but unlikely to be long forgotten.


On Tuesday, the state-backed China Oilfield Services Limited said the billion-dollar platform, which had been drilling in the heart of highly contested waters claimed by Vietnam, had “precisely extracted the related geological data as planned” and was being redeployed to sea blocks off China’s Hainan Island. 

China Oilfield Services Limited:中海油田服務股份有限公司


The Vietnamese coast guard confirmed the platform was being towed out of the disputed waters south of the Paracel Islands, claimed by Vietnam but occupied by the Chinese, late Tuesday night. 



Since early May, the Haiyang Shiyou 981 rig had been anchored in waters that Vietnam claims fall well within its exclusive economic zone. Hanoi responded to the unannounced arrival by allowing the public to hold the first large-scale demonstrations in recent memory. 

fall well within:十分に属する


However, smoldering nationalist anger exploded into deadly bouts of rioting at industrial parks in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City and in central Vietnam’s Ha Tinh province in mid-May. 

bouts of:発作



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The arrival of the rig — more than 40 stories tall and the size of a football field — prompted daily clashes at sea between Chinese vessels sent to protect it and Vietnamese boats that tried to pierce the perimeter of about 12 miles the Chinese had established around it. 



Chinese Coast Guard vessels rammed smaller Vietnamese boats, and the Chinese used powerful water cannons to keep the Vietnamese vessels at bay. 

Chinese Coast Guard vessels:中国湾岸警備船
keep at bay:寄せ付けない


Both sides also stationed naval vessels in the distance, and Chinese fighter jets flew over the rig from time to time. In Vietnam, anti-Chinese protests turned violent as two Chinese workers were killed and factories run by Taiwanese and South Korean companies were destroyed. 

from time to time:時々


China’s Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that the movement of the rig should not be seen as a retreat, emphasizing the position that the Paracel Islands were China’s territory and that the rig was operating in “undisputed coastal waters” of the islands. 



China, though, could be moving the oil rig to ease relations with Vietnam, said Bonnie Glaser, a senior adviser for Asia at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “It could be a face-saving way to end the over two-month-long standoff with Vietnam,” she said. 


一方で中国はベトナムとの緊張状態を緩和するためにその石油掘削装置を移動させたに違いないと、ワシントンにあるCenter for Strategic and International Studies(CSIS)のアジア部門上級アドバイザーBonnie Glaserは言った。「ベトナムとの2か月以上におよぶ睨み合いを終わらせるための面子を保つ方法になりえます」と彼女は語った。

The Voice of Vietnam, a state-run news agency, said Wednesday that Vietnamese law enforcement officials saw the rig moving away from its position on Tuesday evening. The agency added that the move may have occurred because of the approaching Typhoon Rammasun. 

国営通信社Voice of Vietnamは水曜日に、ベトナムの取締官が火曜日の夕方に元の場所から移された掘削装置を確認したと報道した。その通信社は台風Rammasunの接近のために移動した可能性があると付け加えた。

But an influential Vietnamese military official, Maj. Gen. Le Ma Luong, said the Chinese were backing down and were moving the rig because of the “strong reactions”of Vietnam. In an interview in PetroTimes, a Vietnamese state-run news outlet, the general said the typhoon was “just an excuse.” 

Maj. Gen. :major General 少将

しかし影響力を持つベトナム軍当局者のLe Ma Luong少将は、ベトナムの「激しい反発」のために中国は折れて、掘削装置を移動させたのだと言った。ベトナムの国営報道機関であるPetroTimesのインタビューの中でその将軍は台風は「言い訳に過ぎない」と語った。


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Chinese Oil Rig Near Vietnam to Be Moved


BEIJING — A Chinese energy company announced Wednesday that a giant oil rig that was deployed in disputed waters off the coast of Vietnam two months ago had completed its exploration work and would be moved.


The China National Petroleum Corporation, a state-owned company, said the billion-dollar rig, known as HD 981, would be relocated to an area around the Qiongdongnan basin, closer to Hainan Island, a southern province of China, and apparently in undisputed waters. 

China National Petroleum Corporation:中国石油天然気集団


The arrival of the rig off the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea in early May worsened China’s relations with Vietnam, a neighbor, and became a sticking point in the increasing tensions between Beijing and Washington. 

sticking point:同意や前進の限界点/行き詰まりになる点


The announcement, released by Xinhua, the state-run news agency, came a day after President Obama called President Xi Jinping to talk about what the White House called the “important progress” at meetings between the two countries in Beijing last week, although they did not settle any differences. 


There was no indication that the movement of the rig away from the disputed waters with Vietnam was related to the telephone call. 

no indication:兆候は認められない


When the rig was first deployed close to the Paracels, claimed by both China and Vietnam, Chinese officials said it would remain in place until mid-August, the normal start of the typhoon season. 

remain in place:その場所に止まる


There was no explanation why the rig was leaving earlier, but the statement by the China National Petroleum Corporation said the operation was ending as planned. During exploration, the rig found “signs of oil and gas,” and the company planned to assess the data and decide on its next steps, the statement said. 



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The removal from Giglio on July 23rd of the refloated, if rusty, hulk was thus more than a triumph of salvaging skill and technology: it eased a huge symbolic weight from the national psyche. And it coincided with what Matteo Renzi, the newish prime minister, called “the start of a process of profound change”. On the same day, Italy’s upper house began voting on amendments to a bill to reduce the senate from 315 members (excluding senators for life) to 100 and fill it with lawmakers from municipal and regional government or presidential appointees rather than elected representatives. The reform will remove a big obstacle to effective government in Italy: the “coequal” powers of its upper and lower houses, which result in legislation frequently bouncing between chambers (and often getting lost in the process). The proposed new senate will have drastically reduced legislative powers.

symbolic weight:象徴的な重み
national psyche:国民精神
bouncing  between:の中で試す
getting lost in the process:その手続きの中で混迷して

For some critics, particularly in the populist Five Star Movement, this is a lurch towards authoritarian government. Others complain the reform enhances the influence on national politics of Italy’s often corrupt regional governments. Recent days have seen claims that the deputy governor of Lombardy gave a consultancy contract worth £16,000 ($21,000) a year to his chauffeur and the arrest of a former governor of neighbouring Veneto, accused of taking millions for licences to build the barriers that will protect Venice from flooding.

Five Star Movement:大衆の不満に率直な賛同を示す人民主義政党(ポピュリズム)として行動し、近年の欧州経済危機とそれに伴うマリオ・モンティ政権の経済改革により、雇用不安や増税を背負わされた国民の中流層・下流層から急速に支持を集めている。党名の由来であり、シンボルでもある五つの星は社会が守り抜くべき概念(発展・水資源・持続可能性のある交通・環境主義・インターネット社会)を指している。
chauffeur :運転手
Veneto:ベネト イタリアの州

Some also argue that Mr Renzi should have secured a broader consensus before submitting his bill to parliament. Around 7,850 amendments have been tabled in the senate alone. Maria Elena Boschi, the minister sponsoring the bill, claimed the amendments would “make us work an extra week and lose a bit of holiday”. But the reform has much further to go than the Costa Concordia (which is being towed 200 nautical miles to a breaker’s yard near Genoa). Ansa, a news agency, calculated that vetting the senate amendments could take three months. Then the bill must go to the chamber, and again to both houses. Another objection, surprisingly rarely heard in Italy, is that its legislators’ time might be better spent on its still-moribund economy: last week, the Bank of Italy forecast GDP growth of just 0.2% for this year.

breaker’s yard:wreck yard 解体工場
still-moribund economy:未だに瀕死の経済

The proposed reform is the fruit of a pact in January between Mr Renzi and Mr Berlusconi, who still leads the second-biggest party in the senate. The bill’s prospects of approval were greatly enhanced when, on June 18th, a court in Milan upheld the media tycoon’s appeal against his convictions for allegedly paying for underage sex with Ms El-Mahroug and misusing his authority to try to conceal their relationship. Seen through the eyes of Mr Berlusconi and his supporters, who regard the judges as puppets of the left, the successful appeal showed Mr Renzi was honouring his side of a bargain implicit in the January deal.

fruit of a pact:約束の産物

Mr Berlusconi had been sentenced to a year in prison on the vice charge, and six for abusing his position. That he was acquitted of the first charge was unsurprising: even some of his critics thought the evidence was inconclusive. But although many felt his sentence on the other charge was excessive, few expected an acquittal. It is widely accepted that the then prime minister telephoned police in Milan to get Ms El-Mahroug released after she was detained, suspected of theft. The former prime minister’s lawyer said the verdict went beyond his “rosiest expectations”. Mr Berlusconi was “deeply moved” and even praised the “vast majority of judges”.

vice charge:性的不道徳の罪
deeply moved:いたく感激する

The court has yet to give its reasons, but the way it framed its ruling suggested it had no option but to clear Mr Berlusconi of the misuse of authority charge. In 2012, barely noticed by the public and scarcely reported in the media, Mario Monti’s government, which succeeded Mr Berlusconi’s, abolished the offence for which the former prime minister had been indicted. In its place, two new ones were created, together with a gap between them into which, Mr Berlusconi’s lawyers argued, his conduct fell. As some commentators now recall, Mr Monti’s government relied for survival on the support of Mr Berlusconi’s followers.


The 77-year-old Mr Berlusconi cannot run for public office again because of another conviction for tax fraud, which also led to his being stripped of his knighthood. And the prosecutors in the ‘Ruby’ case are likely to seek a final ruling from the supreme court, which could yet decide that the former prime minister is guilty of one or other offence. But the decision of the Milan court has nevertheless given Mr Berlusconi renewed influence over the fortunes of Italy. As Il Messaggero, a Rome daily, put it, l’ex Cavaliere rimonta a cavallo, the ex-knight is back on his horse.



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ギリシャへの緊急援助 (2) 元首相のシルビオベルルスコーニに対する好意的な裁判所の判決はマテオレンツィがイアタリアを刷新することを手助けするかもしれない。

Athens is enjoying its best year for tourism since it staged the summer Olympics in 2004. Fortunately, the shoot-out in Monastiraki was quickly over. “If there had been serious casualties, bookings would have been cancelled across the board. It goes to show how fragile the tourist industry is,” says Panos Asimacopoulos, a travel agent in Athens. 

across the board:全面的に

The Greek recovery is similarly frail. After a record 24 quarters of negative growth, the economy is forecast to grow by almost 1% this year. About 20,000 new jobs will be added over the summer, according to the National Bank of Greece, reversing six years of declining employment. 

Business-confidence indicators are at a six-year high and consumers are again flocking to Athens’s shopping malls. The finance ministry says Greece is on track to hit this year’s target of a budget surplus, before interest payments, of 1.5% of GDP. 

Even so, dozens of small but significant structural reforms are lagging behind schedule. Greek officials look forward with trepidation to the return in September of the troika, officials from the EU and IMF who supervise the country’s €172 billion ($231.5 billion) bail-out. It will be their final joint review of progress: the EU loan programme ends this year although the IMF plans to disburse another €16 billion in 2015 and the first quarter of 2016. 


Negotiations will be tough. The Greeks want to ease the burden on hard-pressed taxpayers by reducing levies on fuel and, perhaps, by fudging an important reform that involves the large-scale dismissal of public-sector workers, which is fiercely opposed by the PanHellenic Socialist Movement, the junior partner in the fractious coalition government led by the centre-right New Democracy party of Antonis Samaras, the prime minister. Another round of painful pension cuts is looming, on top of earlier across-the-board reductions averaging 30%. 

reducing levies on fuel :燃料課税の削減
on top of :に加えて
across-the-board reduction:全面的な削減

The newish finance minister, Gikas Hardouvelis, an America-trained economist, wants to slash the troika’s list of some 700 reforms to be enacted by the end of this year, arguing that such micromanagement is no longer required. With the unpopular “memorandum” (as the bail-out programme is called by Greeks) on its way out, it is time, according to Greek officials, for Athens to assume ownership of the next stage of reform. They argue that six years of exacting adjustment are starting to show results, so Greeks are now readier to accept changes that could ensure them a prosperous future. Outsiders are not so sure. They fear that without the troika’s rigorous oversight, tax collection will slow, public-sector reform will be dropped and spending controls relaxed. 

slash :大きな改定を加える
on its way out:消滅しかけて
assume ownership:責任を担う

Next year’s budget will be included in the current EU programme, making slippage less likely for the moment. Debt-relief negotiations, due to start at the end of the year, may also offer an opportunity for Greece’s euro-zone partners, the biggest creditors, to set conditions. Greece is seeking longer maturities and fixed rather than floating interest rates on its mountainous debt, set to reach 180% of GDP this year. The troika, much disliked by Greeks, may disappear but tight surveillance of Greek progress will not. 

maturities :支払期日
the sand on the beach may disappear, but the makings of thieves never shall:浜の真砂は尽きるとも世に盗人の種は尽きまじ


The ex-Cavaliere is back on his horse
A favourable court judgment for the former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, may help Matteo Renzi shake up Italy
Jul 26th 2014 | ROME | From the print edition

court judgment:裁判所の判決
shake up:刷新する


FEW events in Italy’s recent history have had a more crushing effect on morale than the wrecking of the Costa Concordia, an Italian-owned and skippered liner that capsized off the island of Giglio in January 2012. The giant vessel foundered with the loss of 32 lives as Italy, battered by years of economic stagnation even before the euro-zone crisis, seemed bound for default on its vast public debts. Silvio Berlusconi had just resigned as prime minister, internationally derided for his “Bunga Bunga” sex parties and relationship with a young Moroccan, Karima El-Mahroug (known as “Ruby Heartstealer”). Confirmation that the Costa Concordia’s captain, Francesco Schettino, had left the ship before completing its evacuation prompted a bout of mortified soul-searching. 

Costa Concordia disaster: コスタ・コンコルディアの座礁事故 2012年1月13日、コスタ・クルーズ所有のクルーズ客船コスタ・コンコルディアが、イタリアのジリオ島付近にある浅瀬で座礁し、浸水・転覆した海難事故である。
bound for:行きの/向けの
a bout of:一時的な

月曜日。今日はこれまで。昨日は英語の勉強だけだった。風邪をひいてしまい、1日しんどかった。今日の昼は土山さんと会食で、日経のアメリカ人を紹介してもらう。アメリカにいる愚息の大学入試の件で、Air Force Academyに入学したいというので、どうすれば入学できるかの相談だ。そのあと2時半から皇漢堂の海外販売の件で、タマンさんという方を紹介してくれる。今夜はテンプル大学で講演があるが風邪をひいているので行くのはやめよう。ではまた明日。

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