レイプを報告したが、彼女はレイプされていないことを望んでいる ある大学がどのように性的暴行の申し立てを取り扱ったか (13)

trudds 2 hours ago 

How do any of the people involved in this incredible ugliness look at themselves in the mirror and not get sick to their stomaches? I guess... 

ugliness: あさましさ/醜さ 

この信じ難いあさましいことに関わる人はどのようにして自分自身を鏡で見るのでしょうか?胃を悪くせずにいられるのでしょうか? と思うのですが、、、、

brupic 2 hours ago 

it'd be interesting to see what % of sexual assaults are carried out by athletes in major revenue sports at universities. I wouldn't be... 

性的暴行の何%が大学の稼ぎ口のスポーツの選手によって起こされたかを見てみると良いだろう。 私はそうではないが、、、

Anna’s panelists were supposed to have “adequate training or knowledge” of sexual violence, according to federal guidelines. Even so, they pressed Anna on why she initially had not wanted a rape exam at the hospital. 


“Does anyone really believe that it is pleasant to have rectal, vaginal, vulva and cervical swabs taken?” Ms. Parsons said. “Not to mention photographs of your private parts and dye injected into your vagina?”  

rectal: 直腸の 
vulva: 外陰部 
cervical: 頸部 
swab: 標本 
not to mention: 〜は言うまでもなく 


A Locker-Room Meeting 

The three football players then took their turns before the panel. Their accounts were quite different from their accuser’s.  


The senior player said Anna had given him a lap dance behind the fraternity bar. Upstairs, he said, she kissed him and then performed oral sex on him for two to three minutes. However, he said, he could not get an erection because he was tired from playing football and “a super long bus ride.”  


At the Barn, he said, she again pulled his pants down. “My flaccid penis was rubbing up against her vagina,” he had told the campus police, adding that he had then realized their conduct “was inappropriate” and pulled up his pants. 


The second football player said that while his teammate was in the room, Anna pulled down his pants and gave him oral sex. “I didn’t consent,” he said. “She’s doing it all by herself. My hands are not touching her.” After a brief period, he said, he told her to stop. “I zippered my pants up, put my belt on, and I walked out the door.” 




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レイプを報告したが、彼女はレイプされていないことを望んでいる ある大学がどのように性的暴行の申し立てを取り扱ったか (12)

Q. Because the most detail you give us when you tell us the story, the less questions we have to ask for details. And if you want to break just let us know, we can give a couple of minutes. 


Q. And as you start your story about this line of events, I just want to — you know what, can we just back up a little bit before that, because before this line of events starts to happen, there has or has not been any coke brought into the room? 


This was followed by a discussion of Anna’s allegation that some students in the room were using cocaine. 


Two of the three panel members did not examine the medical records showing blunt force trauma — it was the chairwoman’s prerogative not to share them. Instead, the panel asked what Anna had drunk, who she may have kissed and how she had danced. It was, Anna said, as if admitting you were grinding — a common way of dancing — “means you therefore consent to sex or should be raped.”  

prerogative: 特権/権限 
consent: 同意する 
blunt force trauma: 鈍器損傷 


The panel asked about the Barn — even though Anna stated that she did not remember being there — and whether the friend who found her there might have misconstrued her dancing as sex. Anna responded that the pool-table witness had said she and the football player had their pants down. “I don’t know who dances like that in public,” she added. 

misconstrue: 間違って解釈する 


It was during this discussion that one panelist asked if the witness had seen the player’s penis in Anna’s vagina or if he had just seen them having sex. “The questioning is absolutely stunning in its absurdity,” Anna’s lawyer, Inga L. Parsons, said later.  

stunning: ぼうぜんとさせる 
absurdity: ばかげたこと 

ある委員がその目撃者はその選手のペニスがアンナの陰部に入っているのを見たのか、あるいは単にセックスをしているのを見ただけなのかと訊いたのはこの議論の最中であった。“そのばかばかしさに呆然とするほどの質問だ”とアンナの弁護士であるInga L. Parsonsは後に述べている。 

Anna’s lawyer, Inga L. Parsons, talks about the challenges of working with college officials who resisted releasing official documents. Video Credit By Leslye Davis on Publish Date July 12, 2014.  

アンナの弁護士であるInga L. Parsonsは公式書類を公表することに抵抗する大学職員と話をすることの難しさを語っている。 

Nancy Friel 2 hours ago 
Nancy Frielの2時間前 

I believe you, Anna. I am inspired by your strength and courage to fight to improve inadequate systems that betray survivors of sexual... 






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レイプを報告したが、彼女はレイプされていないことを望んでいる ある大学がどのように性的暴行の申し立てを取り扱ったか (11)

The hearing followed almost immediately. While a speedy adjudication can help all parties move on with their lives, in this case it left little time for the panel to study witness statements and prepare a cogent line of questioning. It also left Anna with little time to process events of that night, much less familiarize herself with the statements of others, some of which she had received the day before the hearing.  

adjudication: 裁定 
cogent: 説得力のある clear, logical, and convincing.


Anna was questioned first. “It was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through,” she said later, adding, “I felt like I was talking to someone who knew nothing of any sort of social interaction; what happens at parties; what happens in sex.” 


She had to relive that evening through questions that jumped around in time, interrupted her answers and misrepresented witness statements. One question incorrectly quoted one of her friends asserting that at the dance Anna had told her that she wanted to go upstairs and have sex; in fact, the friend had said, Anna told her that the football player wanted to have sex. 

relive: 〜を思い出す live through (an experience or feeling, especially an unpleasant one) again in one's imagination or memory


At a critical point, Anna was about to describe what happened when she was alone upstairs with the first two football players — only to have the panel abruptly change the subject.  

abruptly: 唐突に 


Q. O.K., just the three of you? 
Q. 分かりました。あなた達3人だけでしたか? 

A. Yeah. 
A. はい。 

Q. And then what happened? 
Q. それで何があったのですか? 

Q: Can I just ask a question? O.K., in your statement you do say that you were trying to text. 
Q. ちょっとお伺いできますか?あなたは供述の中でメールを打とうとしていたと言っています。 

This is followed by a lengthy exchange about texting. 

Later she was asked how the senior football player had tried to undress her, but the panelists cut her off.  


Q. It helps us to understand what took place. You know, I’m going to apologize now because we have to ask difficult questions and I really apologize for that. 


Q. And for all of us, as hard as it is, if you could be specific, if you are going to talk about a hand holding you, was his left or his right? And if there’s a penis involved, is it flaccid, is it erect? 

flaccid: しおれた 
erect: 勃起した 




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レイプを報告したが、彼女はレイプされていないことを望んでいる ある大学がどのように性的暴行の申し立てを取り扱ったか (10)

Back at Anna’s home, around 2:30 on Sunday afternoon, her mother was entertaining guests when the phone rang. “The caller ID said Geneva, and I knew that was bad,” she recalled. The caller identified herself as Maria Finger, a psychologist at the school.  

日曜日の午後2時半頃、電話が鳴った時、アンナの母親はアンナの家の奥でゲストをもてなしていた。“電話番号がジェニーバだったので良くないことだと分かった”と彼女は思い起して言った。電話の相手は大学の精神科医であるMaria Fingerであると伝えた。 

“Are you sitting down?” she asked.  


Behind Closed Doors 

After a few hours of sleep, Anna gave a statement to the Office of Campus Safety. Other students provided their own statements, including the three accused football players. (They are not being identified in this article because the school cleared them.) 

behind closed doors: 秘密裏に 


The first football player — who had pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in 2012 after being arrested for fighting and resisting arrest — was given a no-contact order, with a warning: “You should not involve your friends in any manner to breach this order.” Yet he twice asked one of the other two players to talk to Anna and check on her. He also texted one of Anna’s friends, who then texted her: “He wants me to explain something to you. I don’t necessarily believe him, but I wanna tell you his side to see if anything clicks considering that you don’t remember some of it.” 

plead: 〜であると認める 


Now it was the school’s responsibility under federal law to evaluate the allegations and, if necessary, hold a hearing. 


At 3:14 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 17, a three-member panel convened behind closed doors to begin adjudicating Anna’s complaint. 

convene: 招集される 
adjudicate: 裁く/解決する 


Such hearings are usually confidential. But The Times obtained a transcript of the proceedings.  


The hearing, not dissimilar to what happens at many colleges, bore little resemblance to a court proceeding. Neither the accuser nor the accused were allowed to have lawyers or family members present. They could bring “advisers,” but they would be voiceless advisers, prohibited from speaking.  

bear resemblance to: 〜に似ている 


The panelists could act pretty much as they wished, including questioning Anna about internal college reports and witness statements that she was not shown. Also absent were the usual courtroom checks and balances. The panel acted as prosecutor, judge and jury, questioning students and rendering judgment. All members were supposed to be trained for this delicate assignment.  

checks and balances: 抑制と均衡 
render judgment: 判決を下す 


The chairwoman, Sandra E. Bissell, vice president of human resources, was joined by Brien Ashdown, an assistant professor of psychology, and Lucille Smart, director of the campus bookstore, who the school said had expressed an interest in serving. 

joined by:からの協力を得る

委員長である人事副部長のSandra E. Bissellは心理学助教のBrien Ashdownと大学書店の責任者であるLucille Smartの協力を得た。大学は彼女はその任務を受けることに関心を示したと言っている。 

Boiled down, the complaint alleged that the senior football player had sexually assaulted Anna at the fraternity house while a second player inserted his penis into her mouth. At some point, a third player was alleged to have held her down. The senior was also accused of raping her later in the Barn. 

boil down: 要約する 
complaint: 訴状 
allege: 主張する 


The panel’s initial questioning was based mostly on the investigative work of campus officers who aggressively sought out witnesses, followed leads and conducted interviews. According to the federal Education Department, a sexual-assault investigation typically takes around 60 calendar days. Hobart and William Smith did it in a little more than a week. 




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レイプを報告したが、彼女はレイプされていないことを望んでいる ある大学がどのように性的暴行の申し立てを取り扱ったか (9)

“The girls and I decided we should call campus security,” one friend said. “We knew something was really wrong.” 


At 2:10 a.m., Sgt. Anthony Pluretti arrived to find 10 to 15 students outside Anna’s room. After talking to her and realizing that she “could not remember how many drinks she had consumed and that she had no idea that she was at the Barn,” Sergeant Pluretti called campus paramedics, he wrote in a report.  

paramedic: 救急医療隊員 

2時10分頃、Anthony Pluretti警備部長が到着しアンナの部屋の外にいる10~15人の学生を見つけた。彼女と話をし、彼女がどれくらい飲んだのか覚えておらず、Barnにいた記憶がないことを知り、Pluretti部長は学内の救急医療隊員を呼んだと報告書で書いている。 

They recommended that a hospital evaluate her. The closest one with a trained sexual-assault nurse was 20 to 30 minutes away in Canandaigua.  


The friend who had walked Anna home from the Barn accompanied her to the hospital. As the hours passed, he later told school officials, she began to talk about what had happened at Kappa Sigma: She was in a room with several boys and girls who left her alone with the football player; three times she refused his request for sex; two other football players entered the room, and she was sexually assaulted.  

アンナをBarnから部屋に連れて帰った友人が病院に連れ添った。数時間経った時、彼女はKappa Sigmaで起きたことを話し始めたと、後に彼は大学職員に述べた。彼女は数人の男性、女性いたが、彼らはフットボール選手と彼女を1人だけにして出て行った。彼女は彼のセックスの要求を3回断った。2人の別のフットボール選手が部屋に入ってきて、彼女は性的暴行を受けた。 

To this day, Anna says she remembers nothing about what happened at the Barn. Credit Leslye Davis/The New York Times 

She did not go into great detail, the friend said, because she was “just beginning to remember what happened.” 


Around 7:30 in the morning, the nurse told Sergeant Pluretti that she had found “internal abrasions and heavy inflammation” and believed that Anna had suffered a forceful sexual assault.  

abrasion: 擦り傷 
inflammation: 炎症 


No date-rape drugs were found, but based on tests at the hospital, her blood-alcohol level at the time of the first sexual encounter would have been about twice what is considered legally drunk. While driving Anna back to her dorm, Sergeant Pluretti reported, he pulled over four times so she could vomit.  

pull over: 路肩に止める 


He tried to comfort her, explaining that the school “would respond in whatever manner that would support her,” and that she should not feel rushed or pressured into deciding what to do, including whether to file a police report. She did express a desire to see a counselor after she had slept.  




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レイプを報告したが、彼女はレイプされていないことを望んでいる ある大学がどのように性的暴行の申し立てを取り扱ったか (8)

Her friend tried calling, but got no response. Around 1 a.m., he asked another student to check Anna’s room. She wasn’t there. “We need to find her ASAP,” he texted, adding, “She is so drunk.”  


Eventually he tracked her to a building called the Barn, a dance hall favored by students who do not belong to fraternities. Inside the dimly lit room, a D.J. played music near a couple of pool tables.  

dimly: 薄暗い 


A friend who had been looking for Anna found her, he said, inside the Barn during a late-night gathering. Credit Leslye Davis/The New York Times 

Around 1:25 a.m., after 10 minutes of searching, the friend said, he found Anna “bent over the pool table face down with her back towards the wall.” She and the senior football player had their pants down, he said, “and it was clear they were having sex.”  


Anna “had a scared look on her face,” he said, as six or seven people, perhaps five feet away, were “looking and laughing.”  


Anna’s friend, a freshman who was also a football player, approached his teammate and told him that he was being disrespectful and had “crossed the line.”  

disrespectful: 罰当たりな 


“It wasn’t me, it was her,” the teammate replied. 


The friend walked Anna back to her dorm. On the way, another student saw her crying. 


To this day, Anna says she remembers nothing about the Barn, the pool table or what happened there.  


The Aftermath 
It wasn’t long before students in Anna’s dorm realized something wasn’t right. She was pale and disoriented. After she tried to vomit, classmates changed her clothes and put her to bed. Yet they continued to worry, fearing she had been drugged and raped.  

aftermath: 直後/余波/後遺症 
pale: 青ざめた 
disoriented: もうろうとして 
vomit: 吐く 


One friend remembered that she had asked a football player earlier if he knew where Anna was. He smirked and made a crude allusion to a sexual act with Anna. “I felt very uncomfortable and got up and left,” she said. Anna later identified him as one of her assailants.  

smirk: ニヤニヤ笑う 
crude: 下品な 
allusion: ほのめかし/言及 


Soon word spread that something untoward had happened at the Barn.  

untoward: 厄介な unexpected and inappropriate or inconvenient




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