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Hidden-city ticketing 
Airlines to public: please ignore this blog post 
Jan 12th 2015, 17:37 BY D.R. | NEW YORK 


THERE’S nothing like a pair of big corporations suing a 22-year-old kid to turn an obscure loophole into a viral internet sensation. On November 17th United Airlines, one of the three giant American carriers, and Orbitz, an online travel agency, filed a federal lawsuit demanding damages “in excess of $75,000” against Aktarer Zaman, a recent college graduate and the creator and owner of the website Skiplagged. The service enabled users to discover cheap airfares that did not appear on competing engines’ searches by utilising a tactic known as “hidden-city ticketing”, which takes advantage of occasional anomalies in airlines’ pricing algorithms. 

obscure: はっきりとしない 
anomalia: 異常 

22歳の若者を相手に訴訟を起こした1組の大企業ほど、はっきりとしない抜け穴を瞬く間に広がるインターネットの大事件にした例はない。11月17日、アメリカの3大航空会社の1社であるユナイテッド航空とオンライン旅行代理店のオービッツは、最近大学を卒業した、ウェブサイトSkiplaggedを創り保有しているAktarer Zamanに対し“75,000ドルを超える”損害賠償を求める訴訟を連邦裁判所に申し立てた。そのサービスは、航空会社の価格設定アルゴリズムにおける偶発的異常を巧みに利用した“hidden-city ticketing”として知られる方法を使うことによって、競合するエンジンの検索には出てこないような安価な航空運賃をユーザーが見つけられるようにした。 

Ever since America deregulated air travel in 1978, the leading carriers have developed “hub-and-spoke” route networks, which require passengers to connect through a few strategically located airports en route to most destinations. This system has vastly reduced costs by allowing airlines to pack the same number of travellers into far fewer flights. There might only be three people a day who want to go from, say, Albany to Albuquerque, but there are enough people heading from Albany to anywhere else, and from anywhere else to Albuquerque, to support one or two flights a day between those two cities and a central hub. A side effect of this model is that each carrier tends to dominate the market at its hubs, which gives it significant pricing power. Delta, for example, transports three-quarters of passengers at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International, a big reason why that airport is the most expensive to fly through in America. In contrast, non-hub cities, as well as markets so big that no airline can afford to ignore them, such as New York and Los Angeles, tend to offer much more competitive fares. 


Because the costs of operating a flight (plane, fuel, and crew) are mostly fixed, airlines have a strong incentive to fill their planes. And since most leisure travellers decide which airline to fly based exclusively on price and convenience, airfares have a very high demand elasticity. This leads to brutal price competition. To make the hub-and-spoke system work, airlines usually need to come close to matching the lowest fare from a rival on every route. And when their competitors have a direct flight and they can only offer a connecting one, they often need to undercut it by a meaningful margin. 

elasticity: 需要の弾力性 


These straightforward economics sometimes lead to a bizarre consequence. In certain circumstances, airlines charge less for a multi-legged flight than they do for the first leg of the same route by itself. To illustrate with an example, let’s stick with Cincinnati. At the time of writing, Delta’s cheapest one-way fare from Atlanta to Cincinnati on February 6th is $252. However, to get from Atlanta to Dallas-Fort Worth with a connection through Cincinnati—on that same initial flight—costs just $197. This is because Delta is the only airline to fly direct from Atlanta to Cincinnati, which are both Delta hubs, and so it can charge what it likes. Two other airlines, meanwhile, operate flights between Atlanta and Dallas. This limits Delta’s pricing power. For anyone wishing to fly to Cincinnati, therefore, the best bet is to book the connecting flight and walk out of the airport in Cincinnati (the “hidden city”), simply failing to show up for the second half of the trip. 

bizarre: 奇想天外の 
leg: 1つの行程 

こうした単純な経済論理は時に奇想天外な結果を引き起こす。ある種の状況において、航空会社は複数行程のフライトに対して、同じルートの最初の工程だけよりも安い金額を設定する。例として、シンシナティの話を続けよう。これを書いている時点で、デルタのアトランタからシンシナティまでの2月6日の最安値の片道料金は252ドルだ。しかし、シンシナティ乗り継ぎ(同じ便で)アトランタからダラス・フォートワースまで行くには、わずか197ドルしかかからない。これは、アトランタとシンシナティがどちらもデルタのハブ空港であり、アトランタからシンシナティまでの直行便を飛ばせる唯一の航空会社で、そのためデルタは好きな価格を設定できるからだ。一方、他の2つの航空会社は、アトランタとダラス間のフライトを運航している。このことがデルタの価格決定力を制限している。それ故、シンシナティに飛びたい人にとって、最善の策は乗継便を予約し、シンシナティ(”hidden city”)で空港から出ていくことだ。そのため、後半の旅程に姿を見せることはしない。 



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