習近平の政治思想は毛沢東の考えと同列に位置づけられている。 このことは誰も彼に挑戦できないという意味か?

Xi Jinping’s thinking is ranked alongside Mao’s
Does this mean no one can challenge him?
Oct 24th 2017


THE constitution of the Chinese Communist Party defines what it means to be a party member and lists the organisation’s core beliefs. On October 24th a new principle was added to it: “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”—quite a mouthful. Xinhua, a government news agency, said the change was approved at the end of a weeklong party congress, an event that takes place every five years. 

THE constitution:中国共産党大会は24日、党の最高規則に当たる党規約に、習近平総書記(国家主席)の名前を冠した政治思想「習近平の新時代の中国の特色ある社会主義思想」を盛り込む改正案を承認し、閉幕した。
mouthful:say a mouthful うまいことを言う.
Party leaders had been parroting the cumbersome phrase for several days since Mr Xi, who is the party’s general secretary as well as president, first mentioned it (albeit without his own name attached) on the opening day of the gathering. Bill Bishop, an American China-watcher, says he writes it as XJPTSCCNE “to avoid getting carpal tunnel syndrome”. 

parroting:(意味を理解せず)〈人の言葉など〉をまねして言う; …をオウム返しに言う.
cumbersome:〈言葉・文などが〉長くて複雑な, ややこしい.
XJPTSCCNE:Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era
carpal tunnel syndrome:手根管症候群 手根管(腱と神経が通っている手首内の管)の中を走る正中神経が何らかの原因で手根管内圧が上がり、圧迫されて引き起こされる疾患群のこと。

Talk of theory and whether someone is named in a document might sound recondite. But this has huge implications because it invests Mr Xi with more power than any Chinese leader since Mao Zedong. He is the first living leader to be mentioned in the party’s charter since Mao. Deng Xiaoping’s name is also in the constitution but this was an honour accorded him only after he died in 1997. Mr Xi’s two predecessors, Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin, are not named.

recondite:世に知られていない. 難解な, 深遠な〈知識・情報・事実など〉
invests:be invested with the title of A Aの称号を与えられる.
accorded:No special treatment was accorded to both countries. 両国とも特別扱いを受けることはなかった

Moreover, Mr Xi’s thinking uses the same term in Chinese (sixiang) as the one in Mao Zedong Thought. Deng in contrast contributed only a “theory” (lilun), a less elevated term. No one can have more ideological authority than Mr Xi. The person has become the party in a way China has not seen since Mao. 


Mr Xi has made influential enemies during his first five years as party chief, notably the allies and clients of the hundreds of influential officials he has had arrested for corruption. He has also complained repeatedly that officials lower down the bureaucracy are stymying his orders. This could change, because to oppose him now would be regarded more than ever as opposition to the party itself. In principle, it could make decision-making in China smoother. But it raises the risk that underlings will tell Mr Xi only what they think he wants to hear, and increase the chances of bad policymaking. 

It also makes the question of the succession moot. By precedent, the general secretary should serve two five-year terms. Mr Xi’s run out in 2022. Under the rules that used to govern Chinese politics, he would be expected to signal his choice of successor at a meeting of the Central Committee that is due to be held on October 25th. 

moot:議論の余地のある, 未決定の.

The candidate would normally be in the new Politburo Standing Committee, or inner sanctum of politics, that will be unveiled after the brief gathering. Rumours are rife that Wang Qishan, the chief graft-buster and close ally of Mr Xi, has been dropped from the Central Committee, and therefore will not be included in the new line-up. There had been speculation that Mr Xi might keep him in place, even though he has passed the normal retirement age of 68. 

sanctum :the inner sanctum 奥の個室.

It is not clear how much it matters now who is chosen to succeed Mr Xi, or whether he has anyone in mind. With his name in the constitution, he must be the ultimate arbiter of authority as long as he is alive, since he—along with Marx, Lenin, Mao and Deng—defines what it is to be a good Chinese Communist. 

arbiter:裁決[決定]者; (ある分野の)権威(者).



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