Jacob Zumaは一日で、2つの訴訟に負けた。 裁判官たちは南アフリカの追い詰められた大統領に対して判決を出し続けている。

Jacob Zuma loses two court cases in one day
Judges keep finding against South Africa’s embattled president
Dec 14th 2017 | JOHANNESBURG

Jacob Zumaは一日で、2つの訴訟に負けた。

THE wheels of justice turn slowly, but probably not slowly enough for South Africa’s scandal-plagued president. Jacob Zuma’s court dates have piled up in recent years, along with seemingly endless appeals in what his allies have termed his “Stalingrad strategy” of contesting every judgment, no matter the futility. On December 13th, in the latest damning decision, a high court ordered Mr Zuma to set up a judicial inquiry into allegations of “state capture” against him, his son Duduzane and their friends. A few hours earlier the court ruled in a separate decision that Mr Zuma had abused the judicial process by trying to block an anti-corruption ombudsman, Thuli Madonsela, from releasing a report on state capture in late 2016. It ordered that Mr Zuma must personally pay the legal fees in both cases. 

plagued :苦しむ
futility:取るに足らない物事; 軽薄な言動; むだな行為.
damning:〈証拠などが〉 【人の】有罪を示す
judicial inquiry:審問
ombudsman:オンブズマン, 苦情処理担当官(⦅英⦆Parliamentary Commissioner; ⦅男女共用⦆ombudsperson)〘政府・公的機関などへの市民の苦情を中立的立場で調査・処理を行う公務員〙
legal fee:弁護士費用、裁判費用

It is not clear whether Mr Zuma will appeal even these, as he did another judgment a week earlier in which the courts fired his appointee as head of the national prosecutors’ office and took away the president’s power to name a replacement. The judges thought that since Mr Zuma faces 783 charges of corruption, he might not be entirely neutral in the matter. Instead they said the task should fall to the deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa. 


Mr Zuma’s lawyers have proved adept at dragging out his defence, but at some point the appeals must end. Mr Zuma now has 30 days to establish the commission into allegations of state capture and the judge in charge of it must be nominated by the respected chief justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng. Even Mr Zuma’s own party, the African National Congress (ANC), recommended in a statement that he heed the rulings “without delay in the interest of our country”. 

heed:〈忠告・警告など〉に注意を払う, …に耳を傾けて従う, …を傾聴する.

South Africa’s courts have gained a reputation for fierce independence during Mr Zuma’s eight years as president. Their decisions are increasingly scathing. 

fierce:fierce loyalty [opposition] 強烈な忠誠心[猛反対]
scathing:手厳しい, 容赦ない, 批判的な

Dunstan Mlambo, a senior judge, described Mr Zuma’s attempts to block the state-capture inquiry as “ill-advised and reckless”, and said the president’s conduct “falls far short of the expectation on him as of the head of state to support institutions of democracy”. 

State capture: a type of systemic political corruption in which private interests significantly influence a state's decision-making processes to their own advantage. The term 'state capture' was first used by the World Bank (c 2000) to describe the situation in central Asian countries making the transition from Soviet communism. Specifically it was applied to situations where small corrupt groups used their influence over government officials to appropriate government decision making in order to strengthen their own economic positions; these groups would later become known as oligarchs. Allegations of state capture have led to protests against the government in Bulgaria in 2013-2014 and Romania in 2017, and have caused an ongoing controversy in South Africa which started in 2016.
reckless:向こう見ずな, 無謀な,
fall short of:〔ある標準・期待などに〕達しない、及ばない、届かない、不十分である

Mr Zuma’s continued litigation to hinder the release of Ms Madonsela’s report was “unreasonable”, the decision said. It also raised the possibility of “perjury” related to the president’s excuse for inconsistencies in his statements (Mr Zuma had blamed a typing error). In response, the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) said it would file a criminal complaint for perjury against Mr Zuma (but like the mountain of other such complaints filed by the DA, this is unlikely to go anywhere for now). 

perjury:偽証; 偽証罪
for now:今(のところ)は, これからしばらくは

Mr Zuma’s latest defeats provide even more reasons for his ANC comrades to push him aside when the ruling party meets near Johannesburg to elect new leaders this weekend. Mr Zuma will step down after two terms as party boss (his term as South Africa’s president ends in 2019 after a national election). He has backed his ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, to succeed him as party leader and its presidential candidate in 2019, perhaps hoping that she will shield him from prosecution. Those who think South Africa has had enough Zumas for now will probably back the frontrunner in this leadership race: Mr Ramaphosa. 


In the name of democracy, Venezuela bans the opposition
Yet Nicolas Maduro’s dirty tricks cannot disguise his regime’s failures
Dec 16th 2017 | CARACAS


“LET us get ready for 2018,” boomed Nicolas Maduro as he hailed the “third great victory of the Venezuelan people”. The president was gloating over a vote on December 10th, in which his United Socialist Party, which has looted and misgoverned the country into economic ruin, bagged more than 90% of the country’s mayoral contests. 

boomed:…を景気づかせる; …の人気をあおる.
hailed:hail the winner 勝利者を歓迎する.
gloating:満足げに眺める; ≪…に≫ ほくそ笑む
mayoral contest:《a 〜》市長[町長]選(挙)

It was a hollow triumph. The three main opposition parties fielded no candidates, having reasonably called the voting a sham. (The other “victories” were equally flawed: the creation in July of a rubber-stamp “constituent assembly” to replace an elected legislature, and a ballot for governors in October.) 

hollow:hollow promises から約束.
fielded :〈候補者〉を擁立する
constituent assembly:憲法制定[改正]会議

Dizzy with these dubious successes, Mr Maduro’s eye is now on a bigger contest, next year’s presidential poll. He has not formally declared, but Tareck El Aissami, the vice-president, says his boss hopes for another six-year term. 

Dizzy:めまいがする, 目が回る, 
dubious:信頼できない, いかがわしい, 好ましくない

With that in mind, the regime is now determined to knock out rivals. Mr Maduro has declared that the three parties that shunned the mayoral ballot have disqualified themselves from all future elections. “They will disappear from the political map,” he snapped. The constituent assembly, which is itself a one-party institution, has backed this punitive act. It declared, absurdly, that this view reflected its belief in multi-party politics. 

snapped:snap impatiently at a waiter いらいらしてウェイターにどなる.
punitive:刑罰[懲罰]の(ための)〈方法など〉.きびしい, 過酷な〈税金など〉.
absurdly:驚くほどに; ばからしいほど; うそのように; 〖文修飾〗ばかげたことに

The ban may be partly superfluous. Leopoldo Lopez, who leads one opposition party, Voluntad Popular, is under house arrest. Henrique Capriles, who leads another, Primero Justicia, has been barred from seeking office for 15 years, supposedly because of “administrative irregularities” as state governor. He says he will at least enter the primaries. 

superfluous:余分な, 過剰な; 不必要な, むだな
irregularities:不法な行為, 反則.
primaries:予備選挙 (特に大統領選挙で, 各政党の大統領候補者を選出する代議員の選挙をさす; primary election) .

Potential leftist contenders are also being targeted. The highest-profile is Rafael Ramirez, a long-term rival of the president, who was sacked as ambassador to the UN after he criticised his country’s economic policy. On December 12th Tarek Saab, the chief prosecutor, said corruption charges were being drawn up against Mr Ramirez. 

draw up a contract:契約書を作成する.

Mr Maduro may yet be surprised by a dark horse. One name being aired is Lorenzo Mendoza, the boss of Polar, a big food-and-drinks firm. When he attended a baseball game last week, the crowd chanted “Presidente!”. He denies any political hopes, but if he were to run, voters might prefer a leader who fills plates, rather than leaving them empty. 


ニコラス・マデューロは来年の選挙に向けて、野党から候補が出ないように仕組んでいる。経済的に破綻しているので、どうころんでもうまくいかない。ダークホースとして、大企業の社長のLorenzo Mendozaが大統領の名乗りをあげるかもしれない。国民は今のままでは国家が破綻してしまうと思っているので、いずれにしても、今のままということはないだろう。


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